Now Open at Sunnyfields Farm - Check "Visit" Page for more details
Now Open at Sunnyfields Farm - Check "Visit" Page for more details
January 24, 2022

Play Every Day

Happy New Year everyone. The decs are coming down and we all need a little time to just chill out with all our new toys. If you and the little people in your life choose only one New Year’s resolution let it be to make a little time to play together every day.

Playing helps you focus on something other than your to do list, even if only for a short while. It will awaken your creativity and before you know it you will be totally engaged. It’s great for building emotional intelligence and cooperation but most of all it will make you all smile and laugh.

Lots of people think they don’t know how or don’t remember how to play. Trust the experts by letting kiddos take the lead – they are GREAT at it and all you need to do is ask them some questions about what they are doing, expand on the ideas they already have and just get stuck in.

If you’re feeling self conscious putting on a (quite frankly scary) cardboard mask and fabric cape to bake a batch of fir cone cupcakes with wooly icing and puzzle piece sprinkles remember: The only people watching you love you unconditionally and all they care about right now is sharing a bite of those delicious cupcakes you have made together.