Now Open at Sunnyfields Farm - Check "Visit" Page for more details
Now Open at Sunnyfields Farm - Check "Visit" Page for more details
January 25, 2022

Chat Windows

Being online can be a blessing and a curse during a period of such uncertainty. Millions of us are dependent on online tools to see and communicate with friends and loved ones who we can’t get to person.

Not everyone is quite so fortunate. Some of our neighbours may be home alone and feeling really really isolated.

Here’s how to open up a new “chat window” to share pictures and messages with people nearby to brighten up their day and let them know you’re thinking about them.

You will need:
Our specially formatted letter file – e-mail us and we’ll send a copy
Blue tac
A big piece of paper or card

Print and cut up the letters (or make your own to make the activity last even longer).  Use blu-tac to create messages each day to display in your upstairs windows. See if you can get a message all the way to the end of your street and back by telling others to set up chat windows too.

The benefits of making individual letters rather than just writing messages are:
– It takes longer and let’s face it, we have time to fill with the kiddos at the moment!
– It’s reusable
– It’s great for letter recognition for toddlers “find me the letter …”
– Picking up the letters is good for fine motor skills