Now Open at Sunnyfields Farm - Check "Visit" Page for more details
Now Open at Sunnyfields Farm - Check "Visit" Page for more details
January 25, 2022

Video Box Scavenger Hunt

Let’s all go out for a lovely walk “NO”
Come on it’ll be fun…”It won’t, we always go round the same old roads”
It’s good for us…”It isn’t”
Please get your dungarees and wellies on…”I’m not coming”

Sound familiar? Lockdown walks when we’re not allowed to travel can feel a bit samey and in this weather it’s difficult to get the kids to agree to step outside.

We have created a great set of themed scavenger hunts including an outdoor one. They all have an added challenge that everything collected has to fit inside an old video box – you must have some kicking around somewhere still. All you need to do is download this file, print it out and slide it into the plastic cover of a video box having removed the original cover and you’re ready to go. Print one for each member of the family (yes even you) and go out and compete. You’ll be surprised how quickly to get into it and how it makes you notice things in your neighbourhood that you’ve never seen before.

Check out our FB page for video instructions if you need them.