SUPER SATURDAY - 13th August. Opening 10-2 for a fabric and craft bonanza!!!
SUPER SATURDAY - 13th August. Opening 10-2 for a fabric and craft bonanza!!!
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August 12, 2022


Membership allows you to fully unlock the benefits of the Waterside Scrapstore and get the best deals from the store.

Membership is open to everyone and is very affordable. By joining you are helping support the work of the Scrapstore both now and for the years to come.

Regular visitors to the store are required to become members. Plus, we make our scrap available at cheaper rates to members to fuel the imagination for a full year ahead.

Members can fill a carrier bag for only £1.50, a bag for life for £2.00 or a big blue sack for only £2.50

To join, simply come to the store, fill in a short form, pay your membership fee, collect your membership card and you’re ready to go! Or you can join online by downloading our membership form and e-mailing a copy to us at requesting payment details.

£6 a year Individual Membership and Students
Parents and Grandparents
Parent and Toddler Groups
Arts and Crafts Groups
£20 a year Community play schemes
Special Needs
Pre-schools and Nurseries (less than 200 children)
Theatre Groups
Scout and Guide groups and sections
Out of school clubs
£40 a year
(£35 Renewal)
Pre-Schools and Nurseries (more than 200 children)

Please note that some items are individually priced or limited to a few per visit. This may be because they are highly sought after or because we have to source them from further afield than the rest of our scrap.

Do you know someone crafty? Why not recommend us or ask one of our volunteers about gift membership for the crafty person in your life. Contact us to find out more.

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